Learning the Seasons, Months of the Year and Days of the Week

Every morning for the past two months, when sitting down for breakfast together, first thing we’ve done with little gosling is change our #weekdayswheel. Inspired by amazing mommies on instagram, in this case @montessorifromtheheart, I tried my first craft since primary school 😶😅, to help him learn the names and identify the days of the week, in the correct sequence and current timing. We started off in English, but the other two languages got added on as he asked “in Romanian?”, “franceză?”. He excitedly looks forward to move the clothespin from one day to the next. Oftentimes he is so impatient that by dinnertime he’s fidgeting to move it again 😋. He loves to repeat them :”what comes after Monday? … and what comes after Tuesday?”… and so on. He now knows that Monday is the first day of the work week, when the school opens again and mommy and daddy have to work; Saturday and Sunday the school is closed and we spend all day together the three of us..

He has recently started to ask about birthdays and we’ve been talking about months, soo… I also made a #seasonsandmonthsoftheyearwheel, inspired by @playlearngrowwiths and @learning.the.lovely. Cutting carton, reinforcing it, gluing, drawing was so absorbing and relaxing! Great activity for both mommy and kid 👍🏻! I’m no artist, but little gosling gets the images, which is what matter. I was a bit taken aback when little gosling pointed to my November and took my pumpkin for a clementine 😅, but hey! I just found out his big blue eyed animal friend I’ve been calling an owl for the past 6 months is actually a penguin!!! 😂😂😂 We learn together! Both wheels are now proudly embellishing our fruit bowls in the kitchen. And a weather wheel is in the making 😉

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