Dear Earth

We marked Earth Day yesterday by reading “Dear Earth” of Isabel Otter, illustrated by Clara Anganuzzi together. This is definitely a keeper! Truly a joy to go through, at any age. Beautiful concept of a girl, Tessa, who writes a letter to the“wonderful Earth, inspired by her grandad’s stories and wants to tell everyone how special Earth is, so that together we save it. She shares what she would love to see and do. The text is so lyrical; Tessa would love to “blow bubbles with the whales”, “kiss the butterflies” on the meadows or “join in the hullabaloo” of the rainforest canopy. Such stunning illustrations as well, lovely, warm colours and conveying so much emotion. 

Little gosling likes leaving through the “Tessa book”. It’s the first book we have where a grandparent plays such an important part. With all his grannies away, even if he sees them often via video chat, I find it important that he understands what a guiding, loving presence they are. He identifies Tessa’s grandad with his “bobo” and likes seeing Tessa play on a mat on the ground like he does. He is full of wonder at the sight of the two full two page illustrations of the ocean and rainforest. “Woooow! Fiiiish!!” he goes at the first one; I feel the same when seeing the shoals of fish swirling. And the rainforest is so tall and there are so many different monkeys and parrots everywhere and his favourite, a leopard sleeping on a branch of the tree.

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