Hello little egg

It was love at first sight with Oona, Baba and Mossy, particularly Mossy, the characters of “Hello, little egg” and for a few days their names were on little gosling’s lips continuously. They sound really endearing, too! It was the first book he wanted to show to and leaf through with his grannies over video chat. 

I did not know this was from a kids TV show; got it because it was suggested by amazon and had chicks and an egg and it looked Easter-y. I can very well imagine little gosling becoming glued to the TV, should he ever catch a glimpse of the show :))).

The three friends come across an egg whilst playing and set out to find its parents before it hatches. Little gosling now wants to play chase, just like Mossy, everytime we go to the park; he starts running saying “catch you” :))) and off he goes, giggling and laughing. He also loves to “wheeee” with them when they slide down the slopes. He loves slides and this is the closest he’s got to one in more than four weeks now. It’s a fun little story for the youngest ones, full of play and interjections and lots of sweetness between the three friends.

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