Jabari Jumps

A mummy friend asked me some time ago what I would do if little gosling was not particularly keen on one of the books I got for him. How did I ensure I would get my money’s worth for all the picture books I bought? I don’t know how it works in other households, but we hardly have any books that have not made it past the first read. Some books he relates to immediately. We read them again and again during the first day(s). Others will speak to his interests at a later time. This was the case of @gaiacornwall’s “Jabari jumps”. It sat quietly in his book bin for more than a year before he suddenly decided he wanted to read it. All on his own. And he’s been putting it aside regularly for his bedtime reads since (“Let’s read Jabari!”). 

The story captures in all its details the emotions Jabari goes through in attempting his first jump from the diving board. His initial courage (“how hard can it be?!”), his doubts, his fear and anxiety, finding excuses to delay the jump, whilst trying to put on a brave face, the courage he draws from his dad’s empathetic attitude and finally, the excitement of the accomplishment. Love dad’s attitude – encouraging in the key moments, without being intrusive or insistent. So effective! What a great bond the two of them must share! Great for modelling parental behaviour when little ones deal with challenges. 

After reading this, little gosling has become fond of squeezing. He gets it could be a part of a secret language we can develop together. And he’s been asking whether we could find a pool where young kids like him can swim and do exercises in water (alongside mummy and/or daddy, certainly). So, there’s some homework for me 🙂

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