Marilyn’s Monster

“Marilyn’s Monster” by Michelle Knudsen, illustrated by Matt Phelan is little gosling’s newest crush. A story that portrays monsters in the most friendly, affectionate way as inseparable friends to kids. Not only do they not fear them, but kids badly want to have their own monster :). Truth be told, it took some days, but little gosling finally concluded “ I want a monster”! 😛 

What a wonderful first encounter with monsters for my little one!! A story about challenging the way in which things are done and accepting there are many different ways in which things can happen. I love this message of keeping an open, flexible mind. A story about going after what you really want, instead of waiting for things to happen to you. And there’s so much emotional richness in Marilyn’s character..

I first heard it on @Julieslibraryshow and thought little gosling too young for it. I feared it would be a bit too long.. But here we are six months later: little gosling absolutely loves it. He asks for it repeatedly, he listens through to the end, he engages with the story, asking questions and identifying details from the storyline in the illustrations. He registered that Marylin’s brother is quite unkind to her (he repeats my words: “what a mean thing to say” when the brother suggests the monster didn’t want to be Marilyn’s friend and went away), but that her parents are empathetic and loving.  

No idea what has him so hooked; maybe the cute monster Marilyn gets in the end with his lovely wings and soft voice; maybe the idea of having a friend just for oneself who is there all the time. One day he told me laughingly: “mummy, you look like a monster!” I took it as a compliment, given how much he loves the book. The monsters come in all shapes and sizes, but the illustrations make them out gentle, loving, protective; the kind to spend all your time with and cuddle close at night. Another day, little gosling was talking to his dad about all kinds of flying beings. Upon hearing that wings help them fly, he told his daddy he also had wings and was a monster :P. So much processing is going on in his little brain!!! 

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