Oi Frog!

I will forever remember this book as the first one little gosling “read” on his own! :))))

Up from his nap the other day, little gosling lined up his best stuffed animal friends, including three that he has recently renamed after his three nursery teachers (Laure, Julia and Celine): two hedgehogs, bear, froggy, reindeer and lion cub. Who is who changes from one moment to the other :P. He announced “bebe wants to read to [your] friends”. I haven’t yet figured out whether or how to explain to him the pronouns, so he’s referring to himself and his belongings the same way that I do, with “you” and “your”. He ran, the same way he does all else, to the book bin and picked out “Oi, frog”. He sat down comfortably next to his friends and started reciting the rhymes as he went leafing through the book. Awwww! That was such a cute moment! I was so surprised to hear him go on with it on his own!! We quickly got it on video. This is one moment I want to be able to look back at first hand. 

“Oi frog!”, text by Kes Gray and illustrated by Jim Field, is such a silly and ridiculously catchy rhyme book! A bossy cat is explaining to a frog where each animal is supposed to sit in its grand design. Poor frog is not allowed to sit anywhere comfortable. But this is not about comfort, if not “about doing the right thing” :)). Some of the animals just happen to draw the short straw, like the lions sitting on irons or seals sitting on wheels. Ouch!!!! :)))). The illustrations are very colourful, with very strong colours and stark contrasts. Those looks on the animals’ faces are hilarious! Possibly his favourites are the foxes sitting on boxes and the parrots sitting on carrots. And he likes observing the countless frogs on the inside covers. I find it a useful aid in expanding vocabulary and the rhyme is so helpful.

I’m very tempted to get some of the other books in this series :).

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