This lovely picture book celebrating 60 years of Paddington was our first meeting with this adorable, little bear. The name rang a bell since the release of the movie some years back, but I haven’t seen it, nor was I aware of its story. Michael Bond’s story is funny and relatable for the youngest ones, with situations in which they can encounter themselves daily. R.W. Alley’s illustrated Paddington is charming, innocent and utterly huggable. 

Little gosling took to Paddington quickly and passionately :). He rediscovered one of his first stuffed toys, a gentle bear more than half his size, whom he diligently makes space for under the covers every evening now, keeping it close to himself so that they can listen together to our bedtime stories, declaring with a big smile: “I also have a bear called Paddington” :)))). And Paddington is sure to find his way among his chosen stories at least one every two evenings. 

The first in the picture book series, it introduces Paddington and the Browns, telling how they found him at the train station and decided to take him home to stay with them, his first encounter with a loaded tray of sweets, a grumpy taxi driver, as well as his first bath and his falling asleep whilst recounting his adventures to his new family. It does feel unfinished, so I’ll just have to get my hand on further picture books with Paddington 🙂 Quickly! 

Little gosling loves the way Paddington politely raises his hat to say hello and his eyes sparkle and laugh when the bear shows the almost empty jar of marmalade that has fed him on his journey from darkest Peru (bread with jam may be his favourite snack !!!) He frowns at the grumpy cab driver who seems less than happy to have a bear in his back seat and loves Paddington bath time. He asks for our bath mirror to be full of steam when he takes a bath! 

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