The Boy and the Tree

I love this book. A boy, sad that his schoolmates have more and shinier toys than his old stuffed panda bear, finds refuge among the branches of an old, big tree that makes him discover how much (more) fun he can have by playing with his imagination among the tree branches. Together they go to space, sail the high seas in a pirate ship or visit a fantastic zoo (it includes flying pigs!!!!). Such a wonderful idea for a very active little gosling with very selective parents when it comes to toys. And a lovely book to encourage outdoor fun and inspire deep and playful connections to nature. 

We have fun when we read this book together. Little gosling likes the boy’s panda (currently one of the top favourite animals), so he is carefully looking for him and pointing him on every page. He is very empathetic to the sad boy, sadness and happiness being the two emotions he has been learning to identify these days. He is eagerly looking for the dragonflies, because he loves the Romanian word for it, “libelula” (he knows that’s the book where he first saw it) and he has been copying the illustrator’s way of drawing the sun. It suits his level of ability and he draws that kind of sun over and over again in many different colours, even black :))). 

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