2nd Birthday Celebrations in Three

Little gosling turned 2 yesterday :). Wooow, that came and went fast! For the second year, it was just the three of us celebrating, at the end of a normal lockdown day together, with daddy’s tasty no sugar added marble cake and a family selfie with the cake and the candle. We sang happy birthday (in Romanian) and little gosling made his best attempt to blow out his candle alone. Daddy stepped in to help when the air he was blowing out of his nose(!!) didn’t do the trick :))). We got his excited face when the flame went off immortalised on camera anyway. 

We showered little gosling with kisses when he woke up in the morning between us. “Do you know what day is today?” I asked and he replied with a smile on his face “cake!” Indeed, the promised highlight of the day had stuck with him :))). He joined his dad in the kitchen whilst he was making the cake (to the great exasperation of the cook who at a certain point vowed that would be the last time he would make cake with little gosling around). That’s because little gosling loves the kitchen robot and is very possessive of it, could play with it, fill it with anything and everything, from lego blocks to socks, stuffed animals, water or paper, all day long. So, a bit challenging for dad to keep his little hands away from the batter. 

We read a lot, “hanged out” with his grandparents and walked in the park near our home (more like a run and hop, though), after hours of trying to get him outside. He wore his favourite t-shirt, the kaki “cool little boy t-shirt”, which we wash continuously. We contemplated the red tulips mommy bought after little gosling insisted “buy flowers”, to replace the ones that had died without opening up, and observed enthusiastically how these ones have started to open. 

We had his favourite dish for dinner: pizzaaa!, just like the seal in our book with the polar bear. This time, we had it delivered, though; amidst the lockdown, it has become impossible to find our alternative flours and even white wheat flour is a challenge to find. Eggs we can only find close to home if we go to the supermarket before lunchtime.

The plan was to get him a balance bike for his birthday; he likes seeing kids on bikes in the park and his eyes always trace and linger on them until they disappear from sight. Unfortunately, it did not make it in time; it will reach us in the following days. We had been waiting for it for two weeks… Other things that he likes, stickers or search and find books, have been out of stock in bookshops and on all amazons in Europe for weeks now…. 

The plan was to have his first birthday party. Last year, when he turned one, we had a similar celebration among the three of us and then spent a long weekend in a lively family resort in the Drakensberg mountains, in South Africa, where he took his first hikes on daddy’s back. Had it not been for the pandemic, he would have had a celebration and a cake at school, too. He actually remembered his colleagues yesterday, asking “school closed?” and talking about “kids school” melancholically; “bebe sad school closed”.. Oufff….. And, we were planning to spend the weekend in the Netherlands, biking among the tulip fields and the dunes on the beach… Maybe next year.

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